The archetype of ruler, queen Archetypes

We distinguish 12 classic archetypes that comprehensively describe the identification and characteristics of each brand. Choosing the right one is key in choosing the direction of your advertising campaign.

The archetype of ruler, queen

The ruler archetype is the typical monarch, he wants to rule over chaos and control everything. It is important for him to take care of health and safety, not only for himself, but also for his “subjects”. The ruler has an impeccable reputation and sets an example for others. Brands choosing this archetype provide prestigious products that are suitable for such a ruler. It is also a good archetype for companies with protective or regulatory functions.


    • Motto: Only power and money count
    • Desire / Purpose: Create thriving and successful families and communities
    • Fear: Chaos, lack of control and being thrown from the throne
    • Strategy: Exercise your power and authority, adapt others to yourself
    • Talent: Responsibility and leadership
    • Brands that use this archetype: IBM, Mercedes, Bank UK, British Airways, Rolex
    • Also known as: boss. leader, aristocrat, king, queen, politician, manager
    • Color:
Archetyp władcy, królowa - IBM
Archetyp władcy, królowa - Rolexv

The archetype gives personality to brands that:

  • through their name, price and reputation, they define high status – showing how strong the people who use the brand are
  • make people more organized eternal warranty
  • support imperious aspirations
  • have regulating or protective functions
  • medium to very high price
  • the brand has an image above the usual brands leaders in their industries