The guardian archetype

We distinguish 12 classic archetypes that comprehensively describe the identification and characteristics of each brand. Choosing the right one is key in choosing the direction of your advertising campaign.

The guardian archetype

This archetype obviously fits the brands offering medical, health and beauty products. It is also often used by banks and insurers. It is definitely a good choice for all kinds of family products.


    • Motto: Love your neighbour as yourself
    • Desire / Purpose: To help and offer protection
    • Fear: Fear of being selfish and not being grateful
    • Strategy: Bringing good and helping everyone who can
    • Talent: Showing compassion, generosity and doing good.
    • Brands using this archetype: Volvo, Amnesty International, TVN Foundation, Heinz, KINDER
    • Also Known As: Holy, Altruist, Parent, Helper
    • Color: Yellow
Archetyp opiekuna - Amnesty International
Archetyp opiekuna - Fundacja TVN "Nie jesteś sam"

The archetype gives personality to brands that:

  • give customers a significant competitive advantage support families (from fast food to minivans) and are linked to caring (cookies, science materials)
  • they serve the public sector: healthcare, education
  • they help people stay connected and take care for others, and they help them take care of themselves
  • have foundations