Welcome Packs - welcome gift sets!

6 tips on how to create a great Welcome Pack
(lots of real-life examples!)

Ilustracja działu HR witającego nowego pracownika Welcome Packiem

Product catalogs in our company contain hundreds of thousands of products.

We can bet on anything that you have more important and interesting things to do than reading about each of them and comparing them to the others in terms of quality and price 😉.

That's why we'll be happy to tell you how to quickly choose the ones that:

Where to begin with the creation of a Welcome Pack?

Ilustracja cukierków, długopisu, ołówka, pamięci USB, kubka i notesu

1. Ask yourself questions

What should a new employee know about the company?

How to present mission and values in a simple and clear way? With a fun infographic? A slogan on a mug?

How to make him/her feel part of the company?

Give him/her something esthetic, a gadget that he/she will be proud of?

What key information will be useful to him/her in his first days at work?

Phones? A map? Health and safety rules?

How to boost his/her productivity?

Is it only mental or also physical 🙂 ? Drinking water regularly definitely helps brain function! A comfortable backpack will help with carrying a laptop.

Are the selected items compatible with the company's image?

For example, the company promotes eco values, and the Welcome Pack contains products made of the cheapest plastic.

What specifically will support him to work effectively?

Does he work from home, from headquarters, or in a hybrid model?

Welcome Packi dla Oferteo (kubek, notes z długopisem, plecak, kula antystresowa, agenda 1 dnia pracy, pudełko z owijką)
Welcome Packi dla Oferteo (notes z procesem onboardingu)

2. Take care of usability!

Don't let the content of the package cause the question "Okay, but why do I need this?"

Find out more about the employees, ask directly what they need. Walk around the company and see what they have on their desks, ask for a picture of their workspace - if they work from home. This really helps in a difficult decision-making process 🙂

Ilustracja pracownika siedzącego przy laptopie (robi notatki i pije kawę), obok pracownik z kawą i notesem
Ilustracja kobiety zastanawiającej się nad budżetem Welcome Packów

3. Pay attention to quality!

The "the cheaper - the better" attitude will not work! A pen that quickly stops writing or breaks the next day will cause frustration rather than feelings of gratitude.

Don't be afraid to ask about product ingredients and product certificate, perhaps someone has already been using a product for a long time. Don't hesitate to ask about product details, it will allow you to make the right decision!


4. Be eco!

We are all becoming more and more aware of the product life cycle and their impact on the environment....

Choose a product that won't be used only once and you will throw it away quickly! Choose reusable products in order to reduce waste production.

Quality is the key!

There are so many alternatives for plastic now.... Notebook made of corn or paper made of stone...

Paper made from grass differs from normal paper, on grass paper plant fragments are observable. In addition, every paper absorbs color in various ways, so graphic elements may print out differently than in the project!

It is a smart idea to ask for details or samples before making a final decision.


5. Don't forget to be creative!

Notebooks are a great idea, because handwriting has so many advantages: it helps you think faster, more effectively and develops your memory.

Moreover you can use the notebook to keep a whole bunch of other data.
Which can be useful for:

contain useful information

support creativity - for example, through puzzles

support growth - a reminder of Agile principles or difficult marketing terms

make you feel better - maybe through cartoons about company life or quotes from co-workers :)?

Welcome Packi dla BPSC (kubek, doniczka, ołówek, nasiona, papier z nasionami, pudełko z owijką)

6. Judge by the package!

Package is often treated as the least important element, but it can contain important information (if you choose a label that is also a map or a list of important tasks to do,
You don’t believe it? At the workshop on accessible design we designed a package that is really EKO 🙂

What should the welcome pack contain?

Inspiration for a basic welcome pack

It’s helpful for an employee to have in a desk:

First he will need:

For work, he’ll need:

For a work break:

For stress relief:

To show off 😉

See how it works for the other companies

When it comes to creating Welcome Packs, we provide all our knowledge and huge experience 🙂 We are looking forward to new challenges! Get in touch with us 🙂

Get inspired!

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