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Great Welcome Packs, or welcome gift sets!

Welcome kits are nice gifts for the beginning of cooperation. We can get them at a wedding, conference or during a hotel or spa stay. The sets are designed to emphasize belonging to a group such as a company, school or during attending an event.

We individually select and label the gadgets and products included in the Welcome Pack. There is a creativity race between the companies for better and better ideas for new employees, which is why the creation of welcome pack becomes not only a task but an adventure.

How to create welcome pack?

What to put inside?

Notebook, pen or maybe honey from home apiary?

Visualization & branding

How will the engraving or printing look like? Let's prepare a visualization with products.

Box or bag?

Let's choose an inventive cardboard, box or bag.

Wait for delivery.

Completed shipments are delivered directly to the office.

What products do we choose?


It is great to get a product that we will use at home, on a walk or at work. Such products last a long time and – what is important – they have our logo all the time


Squeeze the agency like a lemon to guarantee the quality of the marking and advise you on the method you choose.

With the WOW effect!

The most surprising (and useful!) items win people’s hearts, so it’s worth focusing on something that is unique.

What we put inside?

Note-taking stuff
Writing tools
Welcome or Handbook
Utility items

If you have no idea what should be in the basic welcome set, we present you a list of the most frequently ordered items.

How to make a decision wisely?

First impression

Do you remember your first day at work? How would you like to be greeted in the new company?

Important information about the company structure

What should a new employee know about the new place and company? Values, mission, products or where is the ATM?

Useful materials

What items can be useful for a new employee? Maybe a notebook and a powerbank? If you use a chip card maybe a case and a lanyard? Practical aids.

Get inspired!

If you need support or want to order quality materials...

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Pure professionalism & great approach to the client! As it often happens, I was in a difficult situation and I needed cito hangers, the whole team rose to the occasion.
Thank you!

Andrzej Ogonowski

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