The archetype of innocence and purity

We distinguish 12 classic archetypes that comprehensively describe the identification and characteristics of each brand. Choosing the right one is key in choosing the direction of your advertising campaign.

The Innocent


This archetype provides personality to brands that provide simple solutions to an identified problem. Selling their products at low to medium low prices, but with strong brand differentiators.

  • Objective: To be happy.
  • Features: Desire for kindness, chastity, youth, optimism, simplicity, romance, fidelity.
  • Risks: May be perceived as naive or boring.
  • Marketing niche: companies with strong values, seen as trustworthy and reliable, honest and sincere, nostalgic, decent.
  • Examples: Dove, Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson. Head & Shoulders
  • Color: white, red, yellow.
Archetyp niewinności i czystości - McDonald's
Archetypy w reklamie i marketingu - Archetyp niewinności i czystości - Panie w białej bieliźnie
Archetypy w reklamie i marketingu - Archetyp niewinności i czystości - Coaca Cola

Curiosity from mythology

To be able to love, work, be sensual and creative, every woman needs the influence of goddesses belonging to these three categories. The first group of goddesses you will meet in this book are the virgin goddesses: Artemis, Athena, and Hestia. Artemis (called Diana by the Romans) was the goddess of the hunt and the moon. She lived in the wild forests. She was the archer who never missed and the protector of all newborns and young creatures.

Athena (Minerva for the Romans) was the goddess of wisdom and handicraft, the patroness of Athens, the city of her name, and the protector of many heroes. Usually she was portrayed in full armor because she was considered an expert in military strategy. Hestia is the goddess of the hearth (with the Romans of Vesta), but the least known of all the gods of Olympus. It was present at homes and temples as fire. Virgin goddesses in the psyche of women represent the independent, as a self-sufficient element.

Unlike other inhabitants of Olympus, the three goddesses were not inclined to fall in love. Their emotional ties did not distract them from what they considered to be important. They were not victims of violence. They didn’t suffer. As archetypes, they express a woman’s need for autonomy and the ability to focus on what is personally important to women.