Welcome to Przypominajka Foundation, where we create beautiful things as part of CSR activities.

We send the light of good to people who are aware of the importance of relationships in business and who care for the well-being of employees, especially those with fewer opportunities.

Our motto: You support us – we support you.

Przypominajka Foundation – a place where we show the potential of creation, unconventional thinking and a sense of beauty which can be brought by employees whose physical world is sometimes demanding due to their disabilities.

The Foundation is for those clients who want to take advantage of the professional services of an advertising agency, while supporting the values of CSR – corporate social responsibility.

The place was established by Brandbook Agency – ladies’ advertising agency, as an extension of activities focused on good.

As part of CSR cooperation, you can create with us:

These unique projects are created by exceptional people.

Today’s times have shown that no matter where you are, how much you work or what clothes you wear, what matters is who you are. Our team of people with disabilities works like a storm, they are not afraid of hurricanes & their hearts are as big as all of us.

Ania Dzięgielewska

She puts her heart and subtlety into the implementation of tasks. Patience of a saint with the class of  lady.

Wojciech Wojtek Kaniuka

A sense of humor, effortless style & an early bird give a set of a brilliant copywriter.

Grzegorz Grześ Miiller

If it were not for him, we wouldn’t be here. He saves from any situation, completes the table, sends a report and puts chaos in order.

Jakub Kuba Robowski

Painter, artist, dreamer who is a WordPress specialist. It is Kuba who gives beauty to websites.

“Give the light” – pro bono project

As part of Przypominajka Foundation, apart from typically commercial services, we sometimes also create social projects.

This time we encourage you to join the action – Give the Light. We have prepared specially designed candles with a captivating scent, inspiring labels and ceramics, which, after use, are worth giving another life as a decorative or functional element.


"In every philosophy we have candles that are burned with intention, have extraordinary power. The design is for those who value interpersonal relationships & want to convey good with intention."

Natural scented candles

Ceramics and beech lid

Ready eco boxes

Perfect for a gift

Eco labels

What can your candles look like?

Light the emotions of your customers and employees thanks to the super candles!

We have sent many such candles free of charge to companies that we know are close to the values that we share.

If you want a gift, please contact us.