Welcome Book, Handbook,
i.e. a guide to the company.

Tips for business owners and marketing people!

American Journalist research shows that more than 20% of employees in companies employing over 250 people, have no idea about the services of the company they work for. As a ladies’ agency, we will help marketing departments & business owners to communicate with their employees and provide the most important information about the company in a transparent way.

Nowadays, human relations are something more than just modern, independent systems, so let's strengthen our onboarding processes by working with friendly procedures.

How to prepare for communication between the company and the employee?

First, let's gather information.

Let’s define what is worth communicating first, gather information from colleagues, what people don’t know or what questions are too frequent.

Second, the work culture.

Let’s indicate what makes you different, why it is worth working with you and what is the company’s strength.Maybe there exist irreplaceable values for hiring the right people?People like to know what is expected of them.

Third, direct contact.

Most of the employees come to work to rattle off their tasks, do not think about where the company is going and whether they have a real share in it… Put on good synergy, show that they are important. Brochures, posters, trainings…

What is important while creating a Hand Book?

Lots of icons and pictures.

The more interesting graphics and less text, the easier content to read.

In English, please.

The content should be available to all employees, regardless of education.

Material designs.

A poster in the bathroom or kitchen? Choose the way you want to present your content to employees.

Get lots of people involved.

Create a synergy effect by asking lots of questions with lots of employees. Let the author not be alone.

If you need help, we have specialists in:

writing procedures
maintaining consistency

Examples of communication with employees

maintaining consistency of the image and paying attention to the brand book standards.

If you want to talk about procedures and simplifying communication in the company...

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Selected Google reviews

They prepared really great presentations and logos for us. There were no problems with communication, or with our corrections and suggestions to the project. They are very flexible and punctual – they can do something very quickly, at non-standard working hours. It was a fruitful collaboration. I can recommend them to anyone. 

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