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E-commerce industry has been developing dynamically for years. Nevertheless, until recently, we were only making 6% of online purchases. Everything has changed in the last few months. According to the research of the Chamber of Electronic Economy, this value increased up to 37% during the early weeks of pandemic period.

There are many indications that we will be struggling with Covid-19 for many more months.

  • 64% of respondents believe that the virus will not stop being active
  • 49% stocked up for quarantine

We can already see that we will not return to many offices and public places for even more than a year. Despite the loosening of the restrictions, shops do not want to open in shopping malls.

But keep your head up! These numbers mean that more and more Poles consider this form of shopping to be a safer alternative. The web has become the basic communication tool for many of us, and couriers have become our contact with the outside world. We are facing an even greater increase in Internet traffic. This is where you can find new customers and we can help you with that.

Respond to market needs and expand online sales!

We have been designing and implementing websites and online stores as well as running social media for a long time. We believe that in addition to an attractive graphic form, message and functionality are important, so use our POWER and commission us to:

All in compliance with the norms and rules prevailing on the web.

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