The archetype of researcher, discoverer

We distinguish 12 classic archetypes that comprehensively describe the identification and characteristics of each brand. Choosing the right one is key in choosing the direction of your advertising campaign.

The archetype of researcher, discoverer

An explorer in action is an individualist, he wants a better world. His persona traverses life paths in harmony with the world, because he seeks peace and answers to the questions bothering him. For him, the space must be large and open, which is why brands choosing this customer archetype as the leading one, in advertising and marketing activities, represent their products as something innovative, which provides the recipient with new experiences.


    • Motto: Don’t get me into your problems
    • Desire / Purpose: Experience a better life, fulfill yourself
    • Fear: Getting trapped, imprisoned, experiencing an inner emptiness
    • Strategy: Travel and search for new experiences, escape from boredom
    • Talent: Ambitious thinking, stay in harmony with yourself
    • Brands using this archetype: Virgin, Marlboro, Bounty, Jeep, Vicotrinox, Starbucks, Harley Davidson, Red Bull
    • Also known as: seeker, individualist, pilgrim
    • Color: Green, Blue
Archetyp badacza, odkrywcy - Jeep
Archetyp badacza, odkrywcy - Starbucks

The archetype gives personality to brands that:

  • help people feel free, non-conformists, pioneers solutions
  • designed to be used outdoors, in difficult and dangerous conditions (resistant to everything)
  • something can be ordered through the catalog or on the internet
  • helping people to express their individuality
  • provide solutions that can be purchased and used / consumed immediately
  • which distinguishes the client over an ordinary person or a conformist brand
  • has a culture of explorers – constantly creating exciting products and experiences