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Tauron Group Rebranding

We prepared projects for the Tauron Energia Group, the task was to: create standardization for one logotype of the entire group, prepare a professional brand book and propose its implementation in the company.

Packaging for Velvet wipes. A great opportunity to let your imagination run wild!

Preparing the design of Velvet wipes packaging – as part of the competition – gave us a special pleasure. A breath of freshness and decorativeness make us very happy. Thank you!

Preparation of the concept for KIA Tricity

It’s a hot time for KIA Tricity. The traffic in the showrooms and the number of phone calls increased enormously, and we only helped to create the concept, to make posters & run a campaign.

The best things start from one phone call!

Publishing activity under the patronage of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Who doesn’t like to use pretty things? Well, nobody, that’s why, together with education specialists, we have created a nice package for teachers and students. Each kit included high-quality language learning aids, thick folders for materials with magnets, and maps folding like origami. A 3-year project, very fruitful and creative!

Cooperation on the concept of Budimex birthday gala

Working on the concept for Budimex birthday gala was a real challenge for us. The project was supposed to connect generations and showed that the bridge between them was solid and safe. We managed.

We learned our profession,
to serve you with intuition and talent.

We want working with our agency to be associated with something nice, friendly and effective

Constant cooperation with Almot Auto

Almot Auto is a company that will surely become a big player on the market in the near future. We are all the more pleased that the management of Almot Auto has entrusted us with comprehensive graphic services for the company.

Support for the pharmaceutical industry

We carry out projects for specialists who work every day in laboratory conditions, in a demanding industry, and for the safety of our clients (NDA contracts), we present you selected works from the implementation. The industry is a challenge for us in terms of packaging designs, strictly defined procedures in the design of e.g. pharmaceutical leaflets.

No matter how many projects you commissioned to us, no matter how you chose us.

You are welcome as a small or large company. Feel free!

Creating logos is great!

We have already created many logos. We listen to customer stories and translate them into letters and logos. You can be sure that especially for you we will create something that everyone will recognize and remember.

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