The hero archetype

We distinguish 12 classic archetypes that comprehensively describe the identification and characteristics of each brand. Choosing the right one is key in choosing the direction of your advertising campaign.

The hero archetype

He triumphs in the fight against evil and adversities, which inspires others to action, determination and discipline. In all this, he does not forget his ego. The Hero Archetype is good for brands whose products are innovative or serve as hard work tools.


    • Motto: Where there is a will, we will build a road
    • Desire / Purpose: Become mastery so that the world is better
    • Fear: Weakness, helplessness, the vision of being a coward
    • Strategy: Being as strong and competent as possible
    • Talent: Competence, skills and courage
    • Brands using this archetype: NIKE, Duracell, BMW, Land Rover, Leroy Merlin
    • Also Known As: Warrior, Lifeguard, Super Hero, Soldier, Winner, Team Player, Knight, Superman
    • Color: Green, Red
Archetyp bohatera - Bohater domu

The hero archetype is a representation of a typical warrior, he likes to take up challenges and is focused on victory. Thanks to his attitude, he is an inspiration for action, discipline and determination in action. This archetype will work best for a brand that wants to show products in its advertisement as innovations for performing hard but effective work. This archetype is used by Leroy Merlin, whose famous advertising slogan is “become a hero at your own home”. This type of advertiser encourages to use its products, which are most often used for homework and as a result of overcoming obstacles and winning. Consistent communication within the Nike brand is also the embodiment of this archetype, the very name of the company comes from the name of the ancient goddess of victory, which shows the personality of this brand. The company is created primarily for athletes who overcome their weaknesses in their effort and are successful in fighting themselves.