Elegancka współpraca ze stylową firmą


Employer branding at Carpets&More

Efficient cooperation with a stylish company

Main goals

It is important for every employee to know that beauty is the essence of this company. Explaining the basic principles of communication with the customer is an important aspect during recruitment and work.

Distribution channels

An excellend created brandbook, which includes rules for designing social media posts, spelling rules and specific tips on how to address the customers.

Workshops - Academy

Painting pictures using only brand colors. Pencil crayons, sketchbooks and typography workshops can’t be boring even for the finance department!

It was a pleasure to work on such beautiful photos!

The owner of Carpets&More extremely appreciates transparency of principles and beauty in every form. That’s why our cooperation with aestheticians (?) like us went great during the process of designing all company materials and also training for employees!

We created for the client:

Brand book

Transparent guide

The brand book is a very important document that saves many hours of arguments and conceptual work :).

This is a simple and clear ” guide for all” because we have included information that leads by the hand of the receiver and answers in detail the question “Is it used correctly” (we always add a lot of visuals!).

What and how - a guide about the company

We also described in detail (with examples!) what conditions must be met by all the elements used in communication: photos, fonts or… the language of social media posts.

Brand book is not just a logo and colors! It is a template that will be use for years. It is a problem-solver, decision-simplifier and a lighthouse beacon pointing the way in a stormy sea of changing concepts.

By conscientiously researching not only the needs of the client, but also his customers, we can create a complete solution.

Internal campaign for new employees

Carpets&More plakaty ze wskazówkami księgi znaku

Posters with directions for new graphic designers

In this task, all our graphic designers were eagerly involved in the project. Few years ago they also were beginners, in a totally new job, with a thousand new things to do….

They were well familiar with all the challenges of the New Employer in the New Place. They set the goal to make their colleagues’ work as easy and pleasant as possible.

We listened to their comments and suggestions, we analyzed forums, lists of problems and frequently asked questions… Then we put it all in a simple and clear form of posters, which hang in offices (and also toilets ;)!) Carpets&More – in this form they are always “on top” so the necessary information is available literally at the first glance.

This will reduce stress for the new employers and decrease additional questions for those with more experience. Everybody wins!

Internal materials - Academy

Carpets & More Academy

This is a special workshop not only for employees, but also for business partners. Thanks to our workshops, your sales will rise, our tips, how to improve communication and find out what the customers really need are priceless!

Training materials

For the Carpets&More Academy, we created unique training materials. We also prepared a special Newsletter for workshop participants!

External campaign recruitment

Information leaflets

Information leaflets – probably everyone see those tons of unnecessary scraps of paper flying around the streets. We don’t want ours to share their sad fate :).

That’s why, for Carpets&More, we designed one that is not only pretty, but full of important information given in a friendly way – it’s already harder to throw away such a leaflet.

Co i jak - przewodnik po firmie

Opisałyśmy także szczegółowo (wraz z przykładami!) jakie warunki muszą spełniać wszystkie używane w komunikacji elementy: zdjęcia, czcionki czy… język postów na social mediach.

Brandbook, to nie tylko logo i kolory! To służący latami wzornik, rozwiązywacz problemów, upraszczacz decyzji, drogowskaz i światełko latarni wskazujące drogę w burzliwym morzu zmieniających się koncepcji.
Dzięki dokładnemu zbadaniu nie tylko potrzeb Klienta, ale jego odbiorców możemy stworzyć spójną i kompleksową całość.

Do you need a transparent Brand Book?

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