Employer branding campaigns for OBI

OBI is a large company with more than 42,000 employees. Like many companies in the retail business. The challenge here is high rotation and the expensive process of onboarding new people.

Visual Cohesiveness

The projects we do with OBI in the field of employer branding fit into a very specific brandbook and emphasize a pro-employee mindset.

Distribution channels

We design and print recruitment leaflets, posters, cards and Christmas mailings. There are also recruitment campaigns on buses and on portals like Olx.pl or LinkedIn.


The messages are simple – mostly slogans, OBI cares about easy understanding and authenticity. The messages are targeted at many age groups.

External campagin


“The recruitment campaign” is a large advertising campaign targeting several groups of audiences. It is related to the opening of the store in Mysiadło and still brings new inquiries from the platforms pracuj.pl and olx.pl.

As part of the campaign, we designed:

Supporting CSR actions

Statistics show that our customers and employees place great emphasis on pro-social and environmental activities. OBI has a huge number of that activities, including giving up fireworks or consciously choosing products from verified sources.

Internal campaigns

Support for training activities

Improving employee competence is a priority. Workshops, language courses or creative sets for employees strongly raise morale in the team and bring people together.

The communication strategy is based on the slogan #TogetherForNature.

Friendly onboarding

Onboarding posters – a great help for recruiters and new employees leading through the first six months of cooperation.

This information helps you achieve your goals, complete the right courses and set your career path. They also reduce the onboarding process to two weeks.

Health and safety at work

How not to overload, when carrying packages? How to use knives? How to take out items from the shelf? Following certain norms allows you to save strength and have a healthy body. The pictures and diagrams are clear to anyone, even a foreigner.


One of the biggest internal actions is PolecaMYOBI, a platform where employees can recommend friends for work and receive bonuses. The action includes the creation of personalized gadgets to encourage people to join the loyalty program.

As part of the campaign, we created:

Mailings and occasional materials

We remember your birthday, send emails with reminders for grandmother’s or mother’s day. We prepare guides about changes in contracts or regulations, we do surveys and engage in CSR activities.

Team Building

We also created posters that highlight the team building that OBI does. As part of the “Forest Forever” campaign, posters were created to appreciate (thank?) employees for participating in planting new trees together with OBI.

OBI also cares about employee satisfaction and uses awards – Market of the Year 2021 got the Market in Rybnik.

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