Employer branding at TAURON Group

A large corporation with more than 11 sub-brands wants to unify their image through a single logo for the entire group. We show our version of a case study inside the company on how to effectively introduce the rules from the brand book in the administration, marketing or HR departments and connect it to recruitment.

Main goals

First of all, we assume that most office employees do not know what the brand book is and that pink is the main brand color.

Distribution channels

Project gifts in the form of a cup is something uncommon. Posters, reminder notebooks and many practical gadgets for employees.


Painting pictures only with brand colors, pencil crayons and sketchbooks, and typography training can’t be boring even for the finance department.

Campaign inside the company

Action practical education

In the kitchen there were cups with specific colors of the company and each employee got a lunch box, on which there were drawn instructions for describing stories through icons. Creating stories while eating is one of the more enjoyable things to do, that’s why we created clear messages that show off the potential of keeping up the company’s good name.

As part of this campaign, we designed:

Who doesn't love office materials!

The next step was the company guide notebooks that were available after the workshop part. In the notebooks we included an instruction manual for the Tauron logo, some real-life stories from the marketing department (such as what mistakes they made most often when using the logo), and some games that use the group’s typography and get into the company’s mission and vision.

As part of this campaign:

Helpful pattern book

Pattern books are very helpful tools in production and creation. Mostly they have material samples or specialized colors in them. We went a little further and in the pattern book we put the company’s manual, how to communicate with the client (very useful when we have a problem with a partner) and collected from more than a year of workshops, curiosities and lifehacks!

As part of this campaign:

Workshops and events

What kind of font are you?

It is said that our choice of font is determined by our character. Lawyers use serif, while cretive departments use the famous Poppins. But what do you use? What colors do you like? Express yourself through a syllable! Such workshops have improved the relations between people who have no idea about each other. Canvas, paints and a good instructor can work miracles.

As part of this campaign:

External campaign recruitment

How to encourage young people for internships and paid placements?

Young people like the direct language and values in the company. Young people are able to quit their jobs when they feel they have to sacrifice their own lives and time. The more freedom and opportunities for development, the better employers you will have. A few tricks and well-chosen social media channels cause a good result of inquiries sent and recruitment interviews.

As part of this campaign:

Welcome On Board

That is, a complement to recruitment through onboarding

Creative welcome boxes at the time of hiring and transparent hiring process. Makes the trust strongly increase and the person is positively impressed about the company.

As part of the campaign, we created:

TAURON aplikacja Praca

Other projects

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